I'm beginning to regret my being able to read so much more with quarantine. That and my inability to write these posts as I finish books. Always leaving so much work myself at the end. In truth, I read 11 books this month, but 3 of those are friend manuscripts without agents or book deals. So, while that's a shame, let me tell you about the 8 books I can.


I suppose I'll just pick up the pieces of my heart and carry on then, is that it? Not entirely sure how, but everyone else seems to have been able to get over how this book smashed their soul to bits. Guess I will too. This book came out swinging in the most devastating way possible and honestly, it set the tone for the rest of this story.


It was the best of books, it was the worst most delightful of books. And this one had me at the that perfectly punny tagline. Welcome to the blog tour for Amanda Sellet's debut contemporary novel! Thanks so much to HMH Books and FFBC Tours for the chance to join in the fun and read this downright wonderful book!


Dang, quarantine has been good to my TBR! I can't remember the last time I read 10 books in one month, but I'm thrilled with what I did read. Also, a head's up that I'm not going to have many reviews for the month of May. Why? Well, I'll be reading like a fiend because your girl signed up for way too many June blog tours, but they're all good, I promise!